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European Gemological Laboratory – International

EGL International is made up of different independent labs located in the largest diamond centers in the world. There are 10 labs total, located in Antwerp, Johannesburg, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Istanbul, Mumbai, Delhi, and Cape Town. While EGL International shares the ‘EGL’ distinction with EGL USA, they remain completely different companies and it is important to understand some critical differences between EGL USA and EGL International.

Diamond grading is a very subjective skill that is performed by diamond experts that have years of experience in the industry. They thoroughly examine a diamond’s physical characteristics and render an expert opinion. Different experts have varying opinions on a grade. EGL International diamond grading standards have been noted as being consistently more relaxed than their EGL USA counterparts. This means that a diamond graded by EGL International could be as much as two color grades and two clarity grades higher than the same diamond as graded by EGL USA. For instance, a diamond graded by EGL International that is certified to be F in color and VS1 in clarity, may be only a H in a color and SI1 in clarity when graded by EGL USA. Despite being graded higher, the EGL International certified diamond will generally be less expensive than its equivalent one grade-lower EGL USA counterpart; this makes a diamond certified by EGL International a great value and incredible bargain when compared to other certified diamonds.

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* This diamond has been treated by one or more processes to change its color.

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