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Boston #1 Diamond Store
Manager:Jean Terasconi
440 Boston Post Road
Sudbury, MA 01776
(978) 443-0550
(978) 579-5975
Store Hours:
Mon. - Sat. 10:00am - 6:00pm. Sunday. 12:00pm - 5:00pm.

Boston Jewelry Exchange

Serving the great people of the Boston area, the Jewelry Exchange store in Sudbury has been offering incredible factory direct pricing for our customers for years. From engagement rings to tennis bracelets, we have a wide selection of fine diamond jewelry available. We are conveniently located off of Boston Post Road making our location easy to find!

"Thank you Jewelry Exchange for helping guide us on the journey of the ring."

I had seen advertisements for The Jewelry Exchange in Sudbury, and I followed up via internet and word of mouth. My findings were almost all positive. The one negative comment I had heard was from a family friend, who come to find out, had never even been to The Jewelry Exchange. I decided that it would be a good place for my girlfriend and I to begin our search for that all important diamond engagement ring.

As we entered The Jewelry Exchange, I was asked to take a number. Take a number, I began to think that I had entered the deli counter line and maybe this wasn't the right place for us. However, it quickly became apparent to me that there were a lot of other people there and we might be on to something good.

Once we were called up, we were greeted by a pleasant and experienced sales woman. Many people do not appreciate having their names posted publicly. Therefore, out of personal and professional courtesy, I won't mention them, other than to say they were great. As a reminder, and as previously stated, we only stopped by to look or so I thought. The sales person possessed both knowledge and strategy, but what I liked most was that she respected our opinions and allowed us to incorporate ourselves not only in the ring selection, but also in the process.

During this process, several other sales professionals, including the manager, checked in with us, not to be over bearing, but to help widen our perspectives. My girlfriend was able to focus in on which rings she liked, all of them, just kidding, and we moved forward. Interestingly enough, she narrowed her choices down to 2 very different styles of rings, a 1 ct. princess cut diamond halo engagement ring, and a 3 stone engagement ring with a 1/2 ct. round cut diamond center stone. You could make a case for both rings. However, I told her that she could choose only one ring today.

She quickly shifted toward me, and stated, "We are not getting a ring today, are we?” It was then that we both realized we were talking about getting the ring here and now, not later. She could hardly contain her enthusiasm and her anxiety. I expressed that we could indeed come away with a ring, if she found the right one. The speed, intensity and excitement level began to rise. The staff had been so helpful and understanding that we seemed poised to pounce on the opportunity. Should we or shouldn't we do this, and which of the 2 rings was the right one? The staff was equally poised and helpful. They expressed that even though this was late in the day on a Saturday, they could ensure that we could walk out with an engagement ring, sized to fit, this very day. We stepped out to discuss this further. It quickly became apparent that my girlfriend had chosen the ring or vice versa. I knew it was the right ring, but she had to make that decision herself. We returned 45 minutes later and expressed our intentions to purchase the ring. The professional selection process was only enhanced by the customer care, attention and service which followed. The quality of the ring was excellent and the sales negotiations were prompt, professional and mutually beneficial. I would like to say that the ring chose the person, but in reality the people at The Jewelry Exchange helped guide us toward our goal of making the best choice. The bling on the ring was only exceeded by the smile on her face. Thank you Jewelry Exchange for helping guide us on the Journey of the Ring. Awesome job!

- David R.

"They did an excellent job finding a perfect stone within my budget."

I went to the Jewelry Exchange in Sudbury to ask if they could put a diamond into a semi-mount I already owned. The staff spent a lot of time going through their diamond inventory and finding the right stone size and quality to fit my ring. They did an excellent job finding a perfect stone within my budget- I am looking forward to buying my next diamond from them.

- Lucille O.


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