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Great Diamond Moments
Great Diamond Moments


Craig Buchmann originally came to the Jewelry Exchange to comparison shop after purchasing diamond stud earrings for his wife at another store. He found a pair of studs for his wife at the Jewelry Exchange that he preferred and took the other studs back. Just months after receiving the earrings for her 20th Anniversary, Jana had the misfortune of losing one of the studs. Despite search efforts, the earring could not be found and Jana declared that she did not want another diamond. But Craig decided that Jana more than deserved a replacement, and so for their 22nd Anniversary he came back to the Jewelry Exchange and purchased a new, larger pair of stud earrings for Jana. Click Here to see more of their story.

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Question: Craig, we were told that you like to shop around when you make a purchase. Can you tell us about your experience with your 20th anniversary?

Craig: For our 20th anniversary. Well first I want to clarify- I do not like to shop, but I have a fault that I cannot buy anything without shopping around. So, there’s a subtle difference there. For the 20th, that’s when I went to many, many jewelry stores to shop for a pair of diamond stud earrings that I thought would be appropriate for Jana, of the significance of our life together, a size appropriate, and I was looking around 2 carat total weight. When I went to one store, I found some beautiful diamonds, but I thought, golly, I can’t stop here. So I ended up going to the Jewelry Exchange. When I went into the Jewelry Exchange everyone was so helpful, they steered me to the right area to look at the diamonds that I was really looking for, and I thought they were beautiful. But I had already bought one pair- so I bought that pair too… the wonders of a credit card… I went home and that’s when I had… I just would look at them all the time. I kept them hidden and I’d pull the two out, and I kept going to the Jewelry Exchange diamonds. They were a better quality, a better cut, the sparkle was just something else. But I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t missed something, so I had other people compare them too. It was hands down the Jewelry Exchange diamonds…and I never told anyone how much they cost. So it was hands down they were more beautiful diamonds, the value just made it an easier time to go and return those other diamonds.

Question: And Jana, what did you think of Craig’s 20th Anniversary gift to you?

Jana: The earrings I got for our 20th anniversary were beautiful. I had never had diamond stud earrings before so I was just excited just to have them, but they were beautiful as well.

Question: Jana, can you tell us about your experience losing your diamond?

Jana: We were at the lake and there was a dock, a 2 story dock, and the kids had been jumping off the top of the dock and I decided it was my turn to jump off. And I had on my earrings, because I wore my earrings all the time. I never really thought much about it. They went with everything; they even went with my bathing suit. So I jumped off the dock and when I swam back on to the dock I just by habit reached up and touched my ears and one was gone. I was very mad. I was upset and I was just mad that I had done that without thinking. So I told Craig: I don’t deserve more earrings, I shouldn’t have done that. I was just frustrated with it.

Question: And Craig, what was going through your mind when Jana told you this?

Craig: Let me clean this up first… Are you sure you had it on? That was the first thing, but fortunately we had taken pictures right before she jumped off and she had it in… we could see that on the photograph. The next thing is: I wonder how long its going to take for me to find it? Which… didn’t happen. How much it would cost to hire someone to look for the…diamond? And then, I wondered how long it’s going to take before I can get her another pair.

Question: Did you expect him to find it Jana?

Jana: Well, I didn’t expect him to find it. I was more concerned, every time that he went down, he would stay under water for far longer than I could stay under water, so I worried about him. But I really didn’t expect him to find it, it was at least 12 feet deep and it’s very dark down there. So I really wasn’t surprised.

Question: Craig, when you couldn’t find the earring, did you think about replacing it?

Craig: Oh yes, I knew that I would replace the lost diamond. I didn’t know if I would try and find a matching diamond, or just get her a new pair of diamonds. But I definitely wasn’t going to tell her, as upset as she was, and as mad as she was, there was no way I was going to tell her, ‘oh I’ll just replace that.’ I knew I was going to have to have quite a bit of cooling off time before that was to happen.

Question: Once you decided to replace the diamond stud, did you shop around again?

Craig: My habit of comparison shopping to a fault never even entered my mind when I knew I was going to replace these diamond earrings … I went directly to the Jewelry Exchange to replace these earrings. There was no question of where I would go to get the help that I needed to help me decide: Do I try and replace one earring? Do I get a new pair of earrings? And also, I knew that the quality of diamonds there, as well as the value, was just going to be outstanding. There was no need to comparison shop at this time.

Question: So you decided to replace the diamonds for your 22nd Anniversary. Can you tell us about that?

Craig: When I went into the store to find the second pair of diamond stud earrings, I went in and again I was greeted by friendly people, and I told them exactly- I told them the story- which I really think peaked their interest. And I told them that I had had to wait a couple of years or at least a year to be able to now replace her earrings. And so they took me directly to the display where I was going to find the diamond stud earrings that I was looking for. The selection again was very good; as a matter of fact I ended up, instead of staying at the same size that I had bought the first time, I ended up going a little bit larger because again the quality and the value was there. And so I didn’t feel bad about going a little bit larger because it was such a good value on these diamonds.

Question: Jana, when your 22nd Anniversary came around, did you think you were getting new earrings?

Jana: Well that thought definitely entered my mind. I think I thought: ‘You did it!’ So, I wasn’t completely surprised, just because that was the one thing that had happened and I kind of suspected that he would replace them eventually. So, it was a very nice surprise.

Question: And were you relieved to have your earrings back?

Jana: Yeah there was a sense of relief that, okay, now I can not worry about the lost earrings so much. Because I had my new ones, and obviously he had forgiven me and wasn’t upset with me for losing it as much as I thought he was.

Question: Craig, would you recommend the Jewelry Exchange to your friends?

Craig: Not a conversation that comes up all that often to me, but when it does, I don’t hesitate. I would direct someone to the Jewelry Exchange without a moment’s hesitation, for the assistance that they will receive in looking at a diamond and selecting the correct one. And the value- there’s just no equal. So when I have had the opportunity, talking about diamonds or jewels to a friend, I tell them: don’t waste your time anywhere else… go straight to the Jewelry Exchange.

Question: Jana, what would you tell your friends about the Jewelry Exchange?

Jana: Well the earrings are beautiful, the diamonds sparkle, and as far as the shopping goes: Craig has saved everyone the trouble of looking around because he has discovered the store that he likes the best. And I think you can’t go wrong; you get the quality for the right price.

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