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Diamond Setting

The frames with their matching stones are sent to expert goldsmiths to be set. There are many different techniques that can be used to set diamonds and gemstones, and the type of frame generally determines the type of setting style used.



There are many types of prong setting including 4-prong, 3-prong, and shared prong settings. The diamond or gemstone is placed into the frame and prongs are secured over the edge of the diamond to keep it in place.

Prong Setting

Prong (center)



When channel setting a thin channel is made in the gold frame. The girdle, or widest part, of the diamond is placed on this channel. Once the stones are all in place the gold channel is tightened over the diamonds securing them inside. This technique is generally done with Round, Princess, or Baguette cut diamonds.

Channel Setting



Diamonds, usually princess or baguette cut diamonds are placed on a grid side-by-side then secured by an outside channel. The tension of the grid keeps the diamonds in place.

Grooving Invisible Setting


This technique involves placing several diamonds onto a frame then carefully securing them with tiny beads of gold.
Micro-Pave, similar to a standard pave setting, this style uses new micro-scope technology to set small diamonds.

Pave Setting  


Gold is formed completely around the girdle of the diamond.


A bar of gold is in place on either side of the diamonds and tightened until the diamonds are secure.

Bezel Setting Bar Setting






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