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Repair and Sizing


Is your ring too big or small?

Did you lose a diamond or think one may be loose?

Is the gold on your setting wearing thin?


  Our expert goldsmiths will gladly take in your jewelry and repair it back to its former glory. Most repairs, depending on the condition of the piece when we get it, are done on-site while you wait, and you can watch the magic happen!


The Jewelry Exchange will gladly take in a customer’s jewelry and restore it back to its former glory. Most repairs, depending on the condition of the piece when its brought in, are done on-site while the customer waits and can watch the magic happen.


Some engagement rings are custom made by selecting the diamond and semi-mount separately. A standard, removable, head is placed into the ring as a placeholder, and then later removed and replaced with the proper size and shape for the selected diamond. Then the diamond is set into the head and secured with prongs.


Gold is heated with a torch and more gold, called solder, is placed in a break or gap to secure two pieces together. This technique is generally used to combine multiple rings into one. It can also be used to repair a break in a chain or link.


Overtime jewelry can wear down or break. When this happens and we are unable to repair the item we can offer the customer the option to build a new item at a reasonable fee.

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