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Wax Molding
Canister locking in over tree mold The plaster being mixed into liquid form Plaster being filtered to ensure purity
Plaster being poured into canisters Plaster hardens overnight  
The casting process has two steps. The first is the investment stage. The wax tree is place in a casting cylinder (fig. 1) and a plaster mixture is poured into the cylinder and left to harden (fig. 4 and fig. 5) once the plaster has hardened the cylinder is placed into an oven to heat the wax. THe wax then melts out of the plaster, leaving a cavity inside

The second stage is the gold stage. This involves melted gold being force inducted into the investment to fill in where the wax was. Once the gold has settled and cooled, the plaster is broken and the tree (now gold) is removed. The pieces are removed from the tree and any imperfections are filled out. The final product from this stage is called mounting.

Gold nuggets (called "casting grain") are poured into the casting machine to be melted into tree form 1300 Degree oven melts the gold and silver into the tree mold. Canister carefully removed from oven
Once the plaster has cooled, it is broken apart to reveal the tree mold The tree mold is now metal and ready to be broken off. Once the jewelry is removed from the tree, it is ready to be cleaned and polished  



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